Saturday, January 28, 2006

Jan 28/29 - Bariloche, Argentina

We spent the next two days in Bariloche which was a very pretty town. Lots of lakes and mountains, with lots of buildings in kind of a swiss style (or so we're told - having never been to Switzerland, who knows). Its supposed to be a ski resort town in the winter, but it was very busy in the summer as well.

Tanis ate something dodgy on the boat ride to Bariloche and was under the weather for most of our time here. So we didn't get very far out of down town. However, Bariloche is also famous for its chocolate - chocolate stores everywhere. And apparently Tanis' 'illness' didn't affect her appetite for chocolate.

In the end it was a very relaxing couple of days. On the evening of the 29th we flew back to Santiago in Chile


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