Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Jan 17/18 - El Chalten and Fitz Roy

We rented another car today and drove to north to another little town in Argentina called El Chalten, which is located inside in the Los Glaciares national park.

We again underestimated the amount of people travelling in Argentina during their summer, and ended up calling every single hotel/hostal in town until we found a place with availability (that we could afford). Once the hotel was sorted out, we headed out for dinner. Quilmes is the most popular beer in Argentina. We also discovered it comes in big bottles. And this makes some people happy.

On the 18th, we got the owner of the hotel to take us about 17km north of town and then hiked back through the park. It started out as a nice day and the hike was pretty easy, and we were again treated to some very nice scenery (although I can't remember the name of this glaciar).

The main point of interest on the trail was to see Mt. Fitz Roy, one of the highest peaks in Argentina. However, it had turned cloudy and rainy by the time we got to the path to the lookout, and as we had managed to get ourselves slightly off the trail again, decided there wasn´t much point in continuing any further as weren´t going to be able to see anything anyways. Tanis was disappointed.

But we made our way back to town through the wind and rain, had a quick beer, hopped in the car and headed back to El Calafate.


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